Checklist: Create a Budget | Shape Platform

Checklist: Create a Budget

Click “Create Budget” on the Dashboard

Select an existing client from the drop-down or create a new client

Select the data source and/or account that contain your campaigns. 

Click campaigns to add them to the “Campaigns in Budget” column.

Select a Budget duration (monthly or custom)

           If monthly:

                   Select a start date.

                   Enter the “Budget Amount.”

          If custom, select:

                    A Budget type (repeating or one-time)

                                     If repeating, set:

                                                        Budget cycle start date

                                                        Cycle length

                                                        Budget Amount

                                    If one time, set:

                                                        Budget cycle start date

                                                        Budget cycle end date

                                                        Budget Amount

Set Budget Alerts to be notified when remaining spend reaches select percentages.

           CC non-Shape users by adding them as contacts.

Click on Automation features to implement. Follow prompts.

            If Implementing AutoPilot, select appropriate AutoPilot Mode.

            If Implementing RollOver, set starting RollOver amount or $0 (if none).

            If Implementing SmartSync, confirm the account(s) you wish to sync using SmartSync are correct.

Enter a Budget name.

If AutoPilot was enabled, choose which campaigns (all, some, or none) you want to apply it to.

            Success! You can:

                    Start budgeting

                    Create a similar budget

                    Create a new budget.